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Car Accidents Archives

How dangerous is drowsy driving?

Many drivers get behind the wheel when they are exhausted, causing risks and dangers associated with fatigued driving. How dangerous is drowsy driving? It is recommended that we get an average of seven hours of sleep of night. When we lose one or two hours of sleep, this can double a motorist's risk of causing a car accident. Based on current findings, the odds of a car crash multiply by 4.3 times when a driver is running on four to five hours of sleep. When a driver is operating with less than four hours of sleep, this risk rises 11.5 times.

How is fault and liability determined in a car accident?

Every time motorists in Connecticut get behind the wheel of a vehicle they take the risk of being involved in a car accident. While no one expects it, another driver or multiple vehicles could collide with you, causing a serious car crash with severe effects. Whether it is a simple "fender bender" or a complex multi-vehicle collision, it is important to understand who was at fault in the crash.

One killed and eight injured in Connecticut 3-car collision

For many motorists in Connecticut, it is fairly common to come across an accident site while traveling on major roadways. While these are typically fender benders and minor collisions, some accidents can unfortunately involve multiple vehicles and have tragic aftermaths. A severe car accident does not only generate a massive accident site but also causes those involved to suffer fatal or serious injuries.

Law firm skilled in car accident settlement negotiations

A couple of weeks ago on the blog we discussed a case where a car accident victim was able to recover compensation for injuries suffered by successfully participating in mediation. Mediation is one viable option for car accident victims to seek relief for their damages. Many find the process beneficial, as each side can openly discuss the case without any direct effect on the outcome of potential litigation.

Connecticut mediation results in compensation for accident victim

A car accident can leave you with serious injuries that can take a significant amount of pain, time and money in order to successfully recover. Some car accident victims never recover from their injuries. When a wreck is caused by another negligent driver, then compensation may be recoverable for these damages. However, getting compensation often requires expert legal skills. While many may think that means taking a case to trial, and it certainly could, there are other methods of obtaining the compensation to which a victim may be entitled.

Untreated sleep apnea may cause truck accidents

Even those who are attentive 99.9 percent of the time they are behind the wheel can make a serious mistake, sometimes due to a physical limitation, that results in a tragic car accident. In this respect, there are some individuals, on the other hand, that suffer from major medical conditions but are able to effectively treat it and maintain safety while driving. For yet others who suffer from an illness, they fail to address their condition and thereby increase their chances of causing an injury or even a fatal accident.

Pedestrian accidents more common than many think

Although travel has become easier over the last several decades, including expanding public transportation, easier access to ridesharing options, and more affordable vehicles, many Connecticut residents find themselves using their feet to get from place to place. For some, this means walking to and from work or school, while others may find themselves walking from one shop to the next. Regardless of how much one walks, though, their close proximity to the roads may put them at risk of being struck by a car or truck.

Do I need to know about hearsay for a personal injury lawsuit?

A sudden and unexpected car accident can leave you seriously injured. While the pain from the initial collision may fade over a matter of minutes, hours, or days, the financial impact caused by such a wreck can have even longer lasting effects. Medical expenses and lost wages can leave you struggling financially, causing you to face uncertainty with regard to housing, transportation, food and other expenses.

Three reasons traffic fatalities are up eight percent

Traffic fatalities were going down. The push to reduce traffic fatalities began decades ago. This push was primarily associated with reducing the number of accidents connected to drunk driving. A combination of education efforts, laws put in place making it illegal to drink and drive, steep penalties for violating these laws and increased enforcement measures was used, and it worked.

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