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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

The rate of drunk driving accidents in the U.S.

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is a common activity, often done several times a day. While many drivers in Connecticut consider the risks and dangers associated with driving, most continue with this routine activity with little to no thoughts about risks because they follow the rules of the road. Although driving safely can help many drivers avoid automobile accidents, this unfortunately does not help them evade negligent drivers. And one of these negligent drivers is a drunk driver, and drunk driving accidents have the tendency to be tragic.

Drunk driver arrested for fatal motorcycle accident

Connecticut residents who are hurt in car accidents can face serious financial hardship. After all, a car wreck can leave a victim with unexpected medical expenses, lost wages due to an inability to work and noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering and disfigurement. These individuals are oftentimes able to recover compensation for their damages, but doing so requires filing a successful personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver. This can be difficult for a number of reasons.

New study shows drunk driving problems persist

Drunk driving has long been a problem both in Connecticut and in the United States as a whole. Extensive efforts have been made to curtail this dangerous activity, from increased public safety and awareness campaigns to stricter penalties for those who drive while intoxicated. Yet, for many years, there hasn't seemed to be much change with regard to drunk driving, but a recently released study does show some promising figures.

Connecticut drunk driving statistics are concerning

Now that we are amidst the holiday season, many Connecticut residents will find themselves attending many social occasions where alcohol flows freely. While many individuals are able to responsibly enjoy alcohol, others are either incapable of doing or erroneously think that they are being safe when they are not. When this happens, innocent motorists can be put in harm's way, and a drunk driving accident can leave them with serious injuries. In some instances, these wrecks are fatal.

Evidence issues are critical when you are hit by a drunk driver

If you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit after a Connecticut drunk driving accident, you'll need to ensure your claim is as persuasive as possible. You need to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant was responsible for your injuries, but there are many evidentiary issues that can derail your claim and your right to compensation.

Chain of custody in a lawsuit against a drunk driver

Typically, criminal law and civil law work independent of each other. However, especially when it comes to rules of evidence, there is a lot of crossover. One area in particular where this can be seen is drunk driving. In a personal injury lawsuit against a drunk driver, as in a criminal prosecution against such an individual, proving impairment can be key to victory. In both types of cases, establishing the chain of custody with regard to tests and test results is important. Failing to properly do so could lead to a flawed case and a losing position.

How does alcohol affect the driving abilities of a drunk driver?

Most Connecticut residents are well-aware of the dangers posed by drunk driving. Yet, despite this knowledge, many still choose to drink and drive. Some may know that they are too intoxicated to drive but decide to do so anyway, while others may wrongly think that their abilities are unimpaired, and they can thus operate their vehicle in a safe fashion.

Double or triple damages in personal injury cases

Accidents have the potential to be awful and ugly events. When accidents are rooted in negligence and irresponsibility they are just repulsive. You should know your rights if you or someone you care about has to face the loss of life, limb, vocation and countless other traumas as a result of the action of another. In states like Connecticut there are means to enforce the laws that govern being a responsible and decent citizen.

Our firm fights for victims of drunk driving accidents

A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed dram shop laws and how important they can be for individuals in Fairfield who have been injured in a drunk driving accident. Victims of these tragic wrecks have a lot to deal with, including recovering their health and figuring out how to pay their medical expenses and other bills. All of this can be challenging, especially when a victim is left in a condition where he or she is unable to work. A personal injury lawsuit may help a victim pursue damages, but when the drunk driver who caused the accident is unable to pay the full extent of the harm caused, dram shop laws can step in to provide additional relief.

Dram shop laws and drunk driving accidents

When a person is injured or killed in an auto accident, it is important to identify who is responsible for the accident in order to pursue fair compensation. While there are many different contributing factors in any accident, if there is alcohol involved determining who is responsible can be an even more complex venture.

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