Types Of Car Accidents

The attorneys at the Law Offices of James L. O'Rourke have extensive experience with the legal issues associated with a wide range of car accidents. Though all accidents can lead to serious injuries and potential litigation, some types of collisions tend to be more hazardous than others. All are subject to unique legal considerations based on the individual circumstances involved.

If you have been injured in any type of accident, our personal injury attorneys will help you pursue compensation for your medical bills and other losses. When you schedule a consultation at our law office, one of our experienced lawyers will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your accident, help you determine what your case might be worth and help you take the next steps. Our goal is to help you recover the maximum possible compensation for your losses, ensuring you have the resources you need to cope with the effects of the accident.

Types Of Collisions

Rear-end accidents: Rear-end accidents occur when a car fails to stop in time to avoid a collision with a vehicle ahead. These collisions can happen for any number of reasons, including speeding, bad weather, driver inattentiveness, tailgating and drunk driving. In almost all cases, the rear driver is at fault in rear-end collisions, as it is this driver's responsibility to leave an appropriate following distance between his or her vehicle and the car ahead. Rear-end collisions often cause whiplash injuries in motorists who are struck from behind. These injuries can be both painful and difficult to treat, leading to significant medical expenses.

Head-on collisions: A collision in which two vehicles strike each other front end to front end. These accidents often result in severe or fatal injuries for both drivers. Drunk driving is a common cause of head-on collisions, as intoxicated motorists either drive the wrong way down a busy highway or fail to maintain their lane on a two-way street.

Side-impact accidents: Also known as T-bone accidents, side-impact collisions occur when the front of one car strikes the side of another. These collisions often cause severe injury to the occupants of the car that is struck in the side, as most vehicles offer relatively little protection against side impacts.

Rollover accidents: Rollovers often occur when a vehicle attempts to negotiate a turn at high speed. These accidents are most commonly associated with SUVs, which tend to have a higher center of gravity than other vehicles. Though many rollover accidents are single-car collisions, a rolling vehicle could cause a multi-car crash if it rolls into another motorist or into oncoming traffic.

Multi-car pileups: Pileups are generally associated with high-speed, high-traffic roadways, such as highways in an urban area. Often, a single negligent driver collides with another, which touches off a chain reaction of high-speed accidents. These accidents require significant investigation, as it is often difficult to determine who is at fault.

What Caused This Accident?

Automobile accidents in which drivers or passengers are seriously injured or killed are always terrible. When there is doubt about the cause of an accident, which may be hidden by vehicle damage, an experienced trial attorney can research and investigate the real cause of harm. These are two actual accident cases.

Safety-check failure

Three disabled residents returning from a picnic outing were killed when ejected from their van, which overturned in a crash. A jury awarded compensatory damages and punitive damages to the decedents' survivors when investigation revealed liability on the part of the group home. Research showed that the group home was negligent in hiring the driver, who had extensive criminal and traffic violation records. He also failed to conduct a safety check on the van, which had a flat tire, prior to departure because he was driving under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs.

Negligent hiring

After a driver who was struck from behind by an 18-wheel truck suffered brain damage, examination revealed that the truck drivers' employer and a professional driving organization had failed to conduct criminal background checks, which would have revealed the driver's two previous accidents and felon status. The injured driver and his wife received a negligence settlement from the trucking company following the first day of trial.

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