Need To Get Workers' Compensation?

If you have been injured at your workplace, you have the right to receive workers' compensation under Connecticut law. Since 1993, our Bridgeport workers' compensation attorneys at the Law Offices of James L. O'Rourke have been helping injured Connecticut employees obtain the financial resources they need to recover to the fullest extent possible.

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Hurt On The Job? Let Our Lawyers Help You Understand Your Rights.

Many of our clients at the Law Offices of James L. O'Rourke come to us unsure about their rights as employees and what type of benefits may be available to them if they have been hurt performing their jobs. Sadly, many injured workers end up losing their rights because they only have a limited time to file a workers' compensation claim with their employer.

Workers' compensation benefits often cover:

  • A percentage of your lost wages
  • Current medical bills and continued medical care
  • Temporary and/or permanent disability
  • In the event that a worker is fatally injured, death benefits for dependent family members

Over the past two decades, our lawyers, James L. O'Rourke and Margaret C. DiCicco, have helped our clients understand their rights under Connecticut law and effectively file for workers' compensation benefits. In some cases, an employee may have the right to file a third-party liability claim if he or she was injured by a party other than his or her co-worker or employer.

Our workplace accident clients have been eligible for benefits after being injured:

  • In a car accident on the job
  • Traveling one place to another for work
  • Getting bitten by a dog
  • By machinery in a factory that is maintained by a third party
  • Negligent actions of a subcontractor on construction site

Having successfully handled workers' compensation and third-party liability claims, our firm can competently help you explore all options for compensation. We will work closely with you, explaining your legal options and the processes that go along with obtaining compensation.

Our lawyers strive to obtain the best medical care for you, which is why we won't let your employer push you into consulting with one of its approved doctors. You should be able to see your own doctor, or a qualified physician who specializes in the type of injury you have sustained. We will vigorously pursue your claim and help you obtain the benefits you need.

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