Hurt In A Forklift Accident?

The same properties that make a forklift so convenient and versatile also make it a dangerous piece of equipment in a warehouse, in an industrial setting or at a construction job site. A forklift easily speeds up, turns quickly in any direction, and readily lifts heavy cargo. If a forklift ran over your foot, collided with you as you were on foot nearby, collided with a vehicle you were in or knocked down shelves that then fell on top of you, you likely suffered serious or catastrophic injuries. In fact, forklift injuries have been pinpointed as one of the most common and most hazardous types of workplace accidents.

We Can Pursue Real Help For You After A Forklift Accident

You may be entitled to workers' compensation if you were on the job when you were injured. Lawyers of the Law Offices of James L. O'Rourke near Bridgeport can help ensure that you receive all compensation you are eligible for, as soon as possible and at maximum available levels. In addition to representing you in your workers' comp case, our attorneys can evaluate the circumstances of your forklift injury to determine liability of any third party such as a:

  • Forklift manufacturer
  • Forklift maintenance service
  • Inspector
  • Subcontractor
  • Visitor to your work site whose actions led to the accident

As your doctors support your medical recovery, we pledge to search for all options for your financial recovery through workers' compensation benefits, third parties and their insurers.

Free Case Evaluation From An Experienced Attorney

Our attorneys have a wide range of experience in workers' compensation cases. When you contact our law firm, we will act quickly to investigate your accident and injuries and help you pursue the maximum possible compensation. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact us online or call 203-864-4427.