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Motorcycle safety and dangers in Connecticut

Connecticut residents who love to ride motorcycles should understand the true dangers they face on area roads.

For motorcycle enthusiasts in Connecticut and throughout the Northeast, summer is prime riding time. Longer days with more daylight hours, pleasant temperatures and the free feeling that comes only with this time of year are just some of what bikers look forward to during the winter months. However, these joys can all too easily be marred when negligent drivers in other vehicles come into play.

What are some recent motorcycle crashes in Connecticut?

In July of this year, a waste management truck hit a motorcycle when making a left turn in Bristol. The driver of the motorcycle died and the passenger was taken by air to a hospital and reported to be in critical condition according to NBC Connecticut.

Another recent NBC story recounted a crash in which a vehicle struck a motorcycle with two people on it. Both the biker and the bike passenger were thrown from the motorcycle. The bike driver was listed in serious condition and the passenger in critical condition. The vehicle driver was later arrested for drunk driving.

How many people die in vehicle accidents each year in Connecticut?

The National Highway Safety Transportation Administration keeps records of vehicular fatalities across the state. Between 2010 and 2014 the number of deaths each year has fluctuated from a high of 320 in 2010 to a low of 221 in 2011. After 2011, the fatality count rose for the next two years to 264 and then 286. In 2014, there were 248 traffic deaths in Connecticut.

How many of those deaths were motorcyclists?

The year with the least number of biker deaths was 2011 when 37 riders lost their lives, down from 52 lives lost the previous year. In 2012, there were 48 such deaths. From there, the numbers went back up to 57 in 2013 and then dropped slightly to 55 in 2014.

Are motorcyclists at risk in all parts of Connecticut?

Motorcycle deaths appear to be a problem in every part of the state. The only county that experienced any year without a motorcycle fatality was Windham County in 2012. Apart from that, at least one biker died in each county each year. In Fairfield County, there were between five and eight motorcyclists fatalities each of the five years.

What should accident victims and families do after a crash?

Contacting an attorney after a crash is always important. Regardless of the outcome of an accident, working with an experienced professional can be beneficial when learning how to pursue appropriate compensation.