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Man working on tree injured on-the-job after fall

Workplace injuries can happen with any kind of job in Connecticut. It can happen to an office worker just as easily as it can a construction worker. However, there is no doubt that some jobs are more dangerous to workers than others. That includes first responders, the previously mentioned construction workers and people stationed at significant heights as they go about their duties. Falls are a common cause of injuries, and those who have been hurt in a fall should know what they might face in the aftermath.

A man working in a tree fell from his bucket and suffered injuries. The accident happened at approximately 9:45 a.m. Emergency crews were called after the man fell and landed on the company truck. He was placed in a basket designed to safely remove him from the top of the truck. They treated him at the scene before taking him to the hospital. His condition was unknown. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating the incident.

Daylight saving time could spark a rise in car accidents

Connecticut drivers and anyone else who is out on the road as a pedestrian or cyclist know that there are dangers everywhere. With the number of drivers who are operating their vehicle while distracted, are drowsy, drive under the influence, and operate their vehicles recklessly or negligently, an auto accident can happen in a split-second and cause terrible injuries and fatalities. Other factors can come into play when there is an auto accident, some being due to outside influences over which people have little control. One that is relevant this time of the year is daylight saving time.

Everyone has heard the term "spring forward, fall back" to remember how the clocks are supposed to be shifted in spring and fall. People might have individual reasons for liking or disliking the practice. Practically, a more pressing concern is that there is a rise in auto accidents when the clocks are changed for the fall and winter. The University of Connecticut says that there is a rise in motor vehicle accidents after moving the clocks back. From 2015 to 2017, the hours between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. had a 45 percent rise in accidents in that time-period. There was also an increase of 43 percent of accidents involving pedestrians.

Study: Teens driving with other teens raises fatal car accidents

Learning to drive is important to teens in Connecticut and across the nation. For their parents and others on the road, safety is of grave concern as these young drivers often lack the experience older drivers have. Studies examine these issues and provide information as to the riskiest behaviors of teens. New research hammers home the danger of being a distracted driver, but not in the way many may believe it occurs.

When it comes to causes of distracted driving accidents, many people may initially think of texting and driving. However, the study indicates that teens who are driving with other teens in the vehicle have a higher rate of fatal accidents than when they do not have another teen in the vehicle. This study, from AAA, says that the percentage of deaths for people who are in a crash under these circumstances rises by half. These numbers were from 2016. In Connecticut, there were 18 deaths in accidents with teen drivers. And two out of three of these led to the death of another person and not the teen who was driving.

Must I inform my employer I am filing for workers' compensation?

Connecticut workers who are injured on the job or suffer conditions or illnesses because of their work should know that they can apply for workers' compensation benefits if the issue keeps them from working. However, there are various requirements that the worker must adhere to when applying for workers' compensation benefits. Following the basics is imperative. Not doing so can have a negative impact on one's claim. One requirement is the providing the notice of claim for compensation.

According to the Workers' Compensation Act, the employee must inform the employer that he or she plans to file for workers' compensation. This will give the employee the right to file one year from the date at which the injury occurred and three years from the initial time when the symptoms of an occupational disease manifested itself. The employer will inform the insurer of the workers' compensation claim with the First Report of Injury. There is a form -- 30C -- that the employee serves to the employer. This fulfills the legal requirement for workers' compensation.

Auto-pedestrian accident severely injures man near his home

A pedestrian accident can happen at any time and anywhere throughout Connecticut. People might believe they are safe in certain areas, but there are incidents that show that is not always the case. For example, a person might think they are safe when they go outside near their own home. But a car can crash into them without warning. Regardless of where it happens, a pedestrian accident can cause long-term damage and death for the victim.

A man who was near his home at approximately 12:45 a.m. was hit by a car. The driver of the black Lexus stayed at the scene of the crash, called for emergency assistance, and is cooperating with the investigation. The victim was hit and carried on the vehicle before falling to the pavement. He was taken to the hospital where his injuries were reported as grave. He had trauma to his face, and his right hip was fractured. The driver was given a field sobriety test and passed. The investigation is continuing.

Head trauma after a pedestrian accident requires legal help

When there is a pedestrian accident in Connecticut, the odds are that the victim will suffer severe injuries. Totally devoid of protection, the only thing a pedestrian can do is hope that the impact was not at high speed and they do not suffer spinal cord damage or a head injury in the crash. Unfortunately, when a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle, there can be broken bones, cuts, spinal cord injuries and brain trauma. After the accident has happened, the person -- if he or she is lucky enough to survive -- might need help functioning for the rest of his or her life. Those who are affected by this will want to determine whether they have the right to compensation in a legal filing.

The brain is so vital to a person in even a basic way that when there is head trauma, it can influence every part of one's life. Brain injury victims might need to be on a respirator; might need help eating, bathing and using the bathroom; or they could be a vegetative state in which the they are trapped in their own body. For some, there are treatments that can be effective for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and its aftermath. This, however, costs money. Medical coverage is unlikely to pay for all that the victim needs, making a legal filing for compensation even more important.

Some areas in Connecticut riskier for distracted driver accidents

Encountering a distracted driver can lead to an auto accident with injuries and death. This is true throughout Connecticut and across the nation. The dangers of texting and driving and other distracting behaviors behind the wheel are obvious. Simply looking away from the road for an instant can cause a crash. With the amount of concentration required to send and read text messages, read emails, surf the Internet and multitask, it is easy to hit another vehicle or a pedestrian, go into the opposite lane of traffic, run off the road and more. Research is useful to understand the statistics for these accidents, and a new study says that certain parts of Connecticut have higher risk for distracted driving crashes in the state.

The Connecticut Safety Research Center and the Travelers Institute says that from 2015 through the first six months of 2018 had nearly 1,392 distracted driving accidents in New Haven. This included texting and driving, using their phones for other purposes and even eating when behind the wheel. In Hartford, there were 1,055 distracted driving crashes. In Bridgeport, there were 899.

Fatal hit-and-run accident kills motorcyclist

There are many motorcyclists on the road in Connecticut. For the safety of drivers of conventional vehicles and motorcycles, it is imperative that they share the road and keep a close eye on one another. Accidents between a car or truck and a motorcycle can lead to severe injuries for the motorcyclist. When the driver flees the scene, it goes from a serious accident to a deadly accident. A rider who might have recovered had there been immediate care could die, making it a fatal accident.

What if I am told my workers' compensation will be discontinued?

Workers' compensation benefits are integral to helping Connecticut workers make ends meet and receive the care and treatment they need after they have been injured on the job. Being approved for workers' compensation is often a relief since workers will believe they will have the time and financial support they need recover. However, for many, it can be a worrisome time when there is a notification that the workers' compensation benefits will be discontinued. Understanding what to do in this situation is imperative if there has yet to be a sufficient recovery to get back to work and the loss of benefits would be a financial and personal hardship.

When there is an intention on the part of the workers' compensation insurer or the employer to stop benefits, the worker must be notified. This must be done via certified mail. Generally, there will be Form 36 with the notification. The worker will have time to contest this decision. There will be 10 days to do so. The District Office of the town where the injury happened must be contacted. There will then be a request for an "emergency" informal hearing.

Construction site accident injures worker, hospitalizing him

Certain jobs in Connecticut carry inherent dangers to those who do them. People who place themselves in harm's way, such as emergency first responders, are obviously in this category. So are those who work in construction. It does not necessary need to be a building trade. People who are working on infrastructure such are road building and repair can also be in jeopardy for injuries in an accident with the accompanying medical expenses, lost wages and other problems.

A construction crew in Connecticut was working on a road as they widened it to add new lanes when one of the workers was injured. The accident occurred in the morning shortly before 7 a.m. A worker, estimated as being in his 40s, injured his left leg when it was rolled over by a machine. When emergency crews arrived, the man was awake and alert. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. The worker was working for the contractor that was hired to complete the project.

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