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It seems that there are new trends happening all the time, and with the near complete reach of the Internet, these trends are catching on with surprising speed. Some of these trends are relatively harmless, like posting pictures of food to Instagram, but others are much more serious. It goes without saying that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous, but many people in Bridgeport may not realize that this is more than just talking or texting. The newest distraction for young drivers? Taking a selfie.

Defined as taking a picture of oneself, often with a cellphone, selfies are quickly becoming commonplace. What is more, there are a considerable number of drivers who are taking selfies while behind the wheel. Though the AAA doesn’t yet have traffic data specific to selfies, it has crunched some rough numbers by looking through the most frequent driving selfie hashtags

Unfortunately for drivers in Connecticut, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. Not in the sense that anyone driving in any situation would have an accident, but in the sense that a careless driver could injure another motorist, no matter how carefully the second motorist was driving. Though the state is trying to pass laws to protect against distracted driving, it always seems like it is too slow to act. Fortunately, personal injury lawsuits can provide a sense of justice for careful drivers who are hit by distracted drivers.

It goes without saying that driving and taking a selfie is dangerous, yet many young people do it. Some people think that taking a picture at a stop sign or light is safe, but there are still considerable risks involved, and not just to the driver who is so obsessed with his or her image. Instead, drivers need to put their phones down and work on their #selfiegame when they are #safeandsound.

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