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Business is sued for delivery driver’s fatal accident

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When someone is at work, often times his or her employer is responsible for him or her. Imagine a truck driver is barreling down a highway outside of Bridgeport and collides with a car. While the family in the car can certainly sue the driver of the truck, it is likely that they can sue the company for which the driver works, too. Not only does this provide injured victims with the potential access to more money to pay for costly medical bills, but it is also a way to hold the company responsible for the trucker’s bad driving.

A woman has found herself in a similar situation and is suing the national sandwich chain Jimmy John’s after a driver hit and killed her father. Though the fatal pedestrian accident did not happen in Bridgeport, there are still people who are hurt and injured by on-the-job drivers throughout the state.

The father had been walking his dog just a few blocks from his home when he was hit. The Jimmy John’s driver said that he had taken his eyes off of the road to check the time when he hit the man. Witnesses say that the driver was speeding and going quite fast.

It is no surprise, then, that the daughter has taken issue with the company’s slogan of being “freaky fast.” In her lawsuit, the woman claims that the logo and company culture pressure driver’s into making fast deliveries. Unfortunately, that pressure is causing very serious and fatal pedestrian accidents.

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