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Car accidents in Connecticut can be fatal for pedestrians

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2014 | Car Accidents |

While walking along the shoulder of a road, people might feel as if they are not in the way of traffic. However, this was not the case for a Connecticut man who was hit recently. The man, who is believed to be homeless, was struck by a driver of a Subaru sedan. Car accidents that involve pedestrians often prove to be fatal, as this one did.

The man was walking on the shoulder of the road when he was struck. According to police reports, he was not intoxicated or aimlessly wandering in the lanes of traffic. He was immediately taken to Manchester Memorial Hospital where he was treated for several injuries. However, as a result of the car accident, he perished shortly after that. The driver of the vehicle that struck the man was not found to be speeding or identified by police as intoxicated or visually impaired.

The man killed in the car accident was said to be quiet and reserved and one who kept to himself. Many people throughout the Connecticut community who knew the gentle man did not feel threatened by him. In fact, a dog and cat grooming business owner claimed that the man never bothered anyone and just minded his own business.

Car accidents like these happen to innocent people every day. All pedestrians should have the right to walk safely on the sidewalk or shoulder of the road without the fear of being fatally struck. Losing a loved one is likely one of the hardest things to go through, but families in Connecticut may find some comfort in the financial assistance a wrongful death claim can bring.

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