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Speeding driver causes chain-reaction car collision

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Speeding drivers are a threat to other motorists and pedestrians in Connecticut. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration attributed 39 fatalities to speeding motorists in the state in 2012. Authorities believe that excessive speed caused a car accident on Mar. 24 in Bridgeport. The accident injured four people and involved several other vehicles and a convenience store.

A 30-year-old Bridgeport driver lost control of her Nissan Maxima in the evening as she was leaving I-95 southbound at exit 24. The vehicle sideswiped another car, drove directly off the exit ramp, crossed Chambers Street without stopping and drove into the Cumberland Farms gas station. It then hit the gas pump barrier, sideswiped a second car that was parked at the pumps, crashed into a third vehicle that was driving through the lot and slid into a fourth car. Finally, the suspect’s vehicle went airborne, hit the store and sideswiped a fifth car. Police said that she was driving at a high rate of speed.

Four people suffered non-life threatening injuries in the accident. One of the victims had a fractured vertebrae and an eye injury.

The store’s architectural pillar and two of its front bumper posts were damaged. The accident force also propelled a Redbox video-dispensing machine into the building. Police stated that the accident would have been even worse if there were no metal barriers near the pumps or if the suspect’s vehicle crashed deeper into the store and hit customers.

Investigators will apply for search warrants for the suspect’s blood to ascertain whether alcohol or medical conditions played a role in the accident. Police also impounded her vehicle for examination of whether a mechanical malfunction was a factor. Charges will likely be filed, according to police, unless there are extenuating circumstances such as a medical or mechanical issue.

Victims of car accidents should promptly seek advice and representation to protect their rights. A lawyer can help assure that compensation is obtained for a serious injury and other losses suffered in an accident.

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