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Salina bicyclist killed in hit-and-run

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Connecticut pedestrians and bicyclists have no protection against vehicles. This disparity was strikingly obvious in an April 27 bicyclist fatality.

Sheriff’s deputies said that a 28-year-old male from Southington, Connecticut was driving a 1998 Volvo north on Electronics Parkway at 2:40 a.m. He struck a 48-year-old bicyclist who was riding a Trek bicycle in a northerly direction on a local roadway. The car’s passenger side collided with the bicyclist. The driver did not stop and continued traveling.

The bicyclist was pronounced dead at the crash scene. Deputies searched the area throughout the morning for information on the driver. His vehicle was later discovered in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Detectives ultimately found the driver later that afternoon.

Detectives took the suspect into custody and arrested him on the felony count of leaving the scene of an accident without reporting a death. He was arraigned later that evening and is being held on $200,000 bail or bond at the local jail. The Sheriff’s Department and the local district attorney are continuing their investigation of this hit-and-run accident.

Victims of bicycle and other pedestrian accidents who suffer serious injuries and other losses may be entitled to compensation. This compensation can cover expenses arising from the accident including lost wages, medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. Fatal pedestrian accident victims’ families may also seek damages for the death of a relative in a wrongful death action. This money cannot stop the pain caused by a senseless accident, but it can help to ensure that victims and their families do not financially suffer.

Source: The Post Standard, “Conn. Man accused of striking Liverpool bicyclist, leaving him to die on Electronics Parkway, Salina,” Catie O’Toole, April 28, 2014


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