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Connecticut car accident figures released

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The University of Crash Data Repository, which obtains data from the state Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Safety, issued state accident figures. Although a small percent of car accidents in the state were fatal, the CTCDR found that drunk driving crashes are the deadliest.

The most dangerous areas to drive in Connecticut are located in the I-91 and I-95 corridors. Along the 3.34 miles of I-95 in Stamford, there were 2,133 accidents, which equaled more than 638 accidents per mile or three crashes every two days.

There were 329 fatal car accidents in the state from 2009-2012 where drunk driving was the contributing factor. There were 213 deadly accidents where the driver lost control. There was an average of 0.35 DUI crashes per mile in state towns.

Hartford suffered 247 DUI crashes during that period, or one crash per mile. New London, which has only 83.7 miles of road, reported 131 drunk driving crashes, which is more than eight drunk-driving accidents on every five miles of pavement from 2009-2012. By comparison, that town had six accidents on the highway, which was attributed to having its Bank Street area full of bars and liquor stores.

However, New Haven has not conducted a DUI checkpoint in more than one year because of budget constraints. Plainville, which is surrounded by much more populous cities and suffered 67 DUI accidents, has conducted DUI checkpoints but has not aggressively sought out grants because of budget limitations.

The CTCDR also found that there were more deadly crashes in June and July than any other 2-month time period. Men were more involved in accidents than women and more crashes involved drivers in their early 20s than any other age group of motorists.

These statistics are chilling and show the dangers confronting Connecticut motorists. Victims of an accident caused by a drunk driver or other reckless motorist may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and other damages that they incur.

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