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Drunk driving victims face difficult issues

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2015 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Victims of drunk driving accidents and their families face numerous challenges in seeking compensation for losses and injuries suffered through the reckless behavior of others. Compounding these issues, moreover, are the difficulties accompanying the physical harm and loss of income that may be experienced in these crashes. Families often suffer the incalculable loss of a loved one.

Connecticut suffered 114 drunk driving fatalities involving drunk drivers that exceeded the state’s legal limit in 2013, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Besides the drunk driver, additional causes may have played a role in these accidents. These factors include the bar that served an already-intoxicated driver, a social host that served a drunk guest or a person that obtained alcohol for a minor. Even if a driver is not legally-intoxicated under Connecticut law, that motorist may be liable for injuries for being impaired by the amount of alcohol that was consumed.

In addition to drunk drivers, reckless drivers include motorists with other impairments that pose dangers and cause grievous harm. These impairments include marijuana, illegal drugs or even prescription drugs that were taken inappropriately.

Successful prosecution of a civil lawsuit often requires police reports, blood alcohol content test results, witness statements, evidence of the driver’s behavior in bars or even homes, expert testimony and medical reports. Pursuing these claims often includes discussions with insurance companies, seeking information through legal discovery proceedings, testimony at depositions and even court trials.

Our firm has represented victims in Connecticut harmed through the recklessness or negligence of others since 1993. We have the experience and capability to vigorously represent victims of an impaired driver and their families and to help obtain just compensation for the losses and injuries that were suffered.

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