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Uber changes safety policy

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A collision is not the only threat to vehicle passenger safety. In Connecticut and elsewhere, passengers and pedestrians can be harmed through reckless or negligent behavior that does not involve a crash.

The ride-hailing company Uber, for example, increased rider safety efforts in March. It addressed accusations from passengers that drivers committed assault, kidnapping, rape and other crimes.

The company makes the leading application for car-hailing and its digital platforms connect people seeking transportation and drivers willing to utilize their own vehicles to drive these passengers. Uber takes part of the fee. Uber is valued at $50 billion dollars.

In April, an Uber driver pulled out a shotgun in Chicago shortly after dropping off his passengers. However, the driver possessed a concealed weapon permit and drew his weapon after witnessing another shooting. Uber said that it required all of its drivers to abide with all federal, state and local laws governing the transportation of firearms in vehicles.

Shortly after the tragic shooting of nine church parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina, however, it was reported that Uber changed its legal policies and banned driver and passenger possession of firearms of any kind in its ride-hailing vehicles. The company said that it changed is policy on June 10, which was one week before the Charleston shootings.

Addressing this policy, Uber said it made the change after reviewing its existing policies and feedback from its drivers and passengers. It sought to assure the safety of drivers and passengers. Violators may lose access to its transportation services.

Victims of car accidents involving a crash or other negligent or reckless behavior should seek legal assistance to determine liability and seek compensation for medical expenses or other losses. Families of a deceased victim may also seek damages in a wrongful death action.

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