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A workplace injury accident can be an unpleasant surprise

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Workplace injuries may include the dramatic and the mundane. Compensation can be awarded for dangerous workplace conditions that lead to newspaper headlines or government prosecution. A compensable injury may also involve a common occurrence such as a slip or fall, an accident involving a piece of equipment or even a dog bite.

Connecticut provides workers’ compensation benefits as a right to all employees who are injured because of a work-related accident or illness. The system is no-fault in that proving negligence is not a necessary requirement for receiving benefits. Workers’ compensation is the exclusive remedy for injuries because workers cannot sue their employers for injuries if they receive this compensation.

Injured workers are entitled to certain benefits in Connecticut. These include a percentage of lost wages, payment of current and future medical expenses, and temporary or permanent disability payments. If a worker is fatally injured, the employer has to pay death benefits to surviving family members.

Obtaining compensation under this system is not always simple despite its straightforward intent and can be challenged on many issues. There may be a question as to whether an injury occurred at work, how much of an injury was caused by workplace conditions or when work starts for workers who drive to and from their occupation.

Other issues complicate the award of benefits. These include whether a pre-existing condition or the workers’ habits, such as smoking, increased the severity of a workplace injury. Determining hospital rates has also led to litigation.

Since 1993, our firm has represented injured workers throughout Connecticut. We help injured workers preserve their legal right to proper medical care and other benefits. Our firm knows how to overcome the typical defenses raised by employers and insurers who try to unnecessarily impede benefits.

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