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Pedestrians face risk of accidents during the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2015 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Holiday cheer cannot erase the risk of accidents to pedestrians in Connecticut. In fact, the revelry and travel associated with this seasons can pose grater danger. Alcohol always poses risks to pedestrians, and the holiday seasons sees more than its share of drinking. This season also sees drivers drinking more than usual because of parties and reunions among friends and families.

The holiday season is busy and fatiguing. Drivers are balancing busy work schedules with shopping and traveling to see friends and relatives. Drowsy driving becomes another risk to pedestrians as well. Fatigued driving becomes even more dangerous when compounded with drinking.

Finding the next shopping or social event, or even finding the next retail sale, brings personal electronic devices into play. Use of these devices is helpful, but not while a person is driving. When motorists use these devices their eyes are diverted from the road and they become a danger to pedestrians and to other drivers. Impatience can also make drivers ignore speed and traffic laws.

Fatigued, drunk, drowsy and negligent drivers can turn the cheer of the holiday season into long-term health and financial problems. This can require legal action to help assure that fair and just compensation is received for these injuries.

At our law firm, we fight for the legal rights of pedestrian accident victims in Stratford, Shelton, Stamford and throughout Connecticut since. We do our best to advocate for these rights in all legal forums and in settlement negotiations with defedants and insurance companies. We work to gather evidence to bring a strong legal case against the drunk, reckless or distracted drivers, and to hold the responsible parties accountable for injuries and losses. Please visit our Pedestrian accidents webpage to learn about our law firm.


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