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Texting while driving is dangerous. So why do people still do it?

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While in-vehicle distractions have always existed for drivers, the instances of distracted driving and accidents resulting from distracted driving have increased with the proliferation of cellphones and other technological devices. There have been numerous studies done and thousands of examples of injuries and deaths that have been directly caused by a texting driver. This makes you wonder – why do people still text and drive?

People who text and drive or allow themselves to otherwise be distracted are often under the wrong impression. The following thoughts are often the basis for people to continue to text and drive:

  • I’m a safe driver. Safe driver or not, anyone who takes their attention off of the road becomes a hazard to other motorists, pedestrians and others on the road. You can have a spotless driving record and always follow all of the laws. But an accident only takes a split second to occur and cause devastating injuries and fatalities.
  • It isn’t against the law, so I’m fine. Actually, it is against the law here in Connecticut and in most other states across the country. While you can still talk on your phone hands-free in the car, holding your phone to talk and text messaging, along with the use of any apps or the internet, are against the law in Connecticut. So to be in compliance with the law and to keep your attention on the road, it is best to just put the phone down until you reach your destination or the vehicle is safely in park.
  • Nothing is going to happen to me. Younger drivers often suffer from the “invincible” mindset, but it can also be the attitude of drivers at any age. If you are using your phone while you are driving, you are putting yourself, your passengers and others at risk. Even if nothing happens to you, if you are the cause of the accident, you will have to live knowing that text message was more important than someone else health or life.

Don’t Be The Cause Of An Accident

Put your phone down and focus on the road while behind the wheel. If you have been injured by a driver who was texting while driving, it is essential that you talk through your situation with an experienced attorney to understand what your options are and how to hold the negligent driver responsible.


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