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State workers’ compensation study released

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For workplace accident victims in Connecticut and other states, workers’ compensation is essential to their financial and medical security. The Workers Compensation Research Institute, a non-profit and independent research organization, issued a study comparing Connecticut’s compensation system with 14 other states.

According to the study, Connecticut workers reported outcomes that were within the middle of the ranges for the other states. Five categories relating to workers’ compensation and workplace injuries were studied.

The average for a Connecticut worker’s recovery of physical health and functioning was similar to all the states in this study. Eighty percent of these workers reported that they were at least somewhat satisfied with their overall compensation for medical care.

The number of Connecticut workers who claimed that they reported back to work too early reflected the figures of the other states in the study. However, 19 percent of Connecticut workers said that they had a second work absence from work resulting from the same injury. This rate was slightly higher than the other states.

Eight percent of injured workers in the state claimed earning a lot less when they reported to substantially equivalent work. Also, 16 percent of Connecticut workers said that they had substantial problems receiving the services that they or their providers wanted. Fourteen percent of workers also claimed that they confronted big issues obtaining the primary provider that they desired.

Medical care costs and worker outcomes in Connecticut were typical of the other states. Connecticut workers, however, had a shorter time before returning to work. Workers in a neighboring state also had a higher satisfaction rate with their care even though their average medical expenses were lower.

This study illustrates that worker who is injured on the job may seek legal representation to help assure that they receive their lost wages and other benefits provided by the law. Legal advice should be sought promptly because time restrictions govern Connecticut workers’ compensation.

Source: Workers’ Compensation Research Institute, “Comparing outcomes for injured workers in Connecticut,” Accessed June 5, 2016


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