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July 2016 Archives

How does alcohol affect the driving abilities of a drunk driver?

Most Connecticut residents are well-aware of the dangers posed by drunk driving. Yet, despite this knowledge, many still choose to drink and drive. Some may know that they are too intoxicated to drive but decide to do so anyway, while others may wrongly think that their abilities are unimpaired, and they can thus operate their vehicle in a safe fashion.

Helping Connecticut residents through workplace injuries

Every day, thousands of Connecticut residents go to work and put their well-being and their very lives on the line, whether they know it or not. Workplace accidents can strike at any time, and they can leave individuals with serious injuries that take time, money and pain to recover from. In other instances, like the one discussed last week, injuries suffered on the job can be fatal. In these instances, surviving family members can be left with unimaginable emotional loss and financial devastation.

Scary texting while driving statistics

Few people would dare to disagree that texting while driving is dangerous, but many people seem to believe that their own instances of texting and driving is different than other people's. Perhaps they think that just because they don't go as far as having long texting conversations or because they have their phone handy only to read a quick text and don't actually answer the message.

Connecticut man dies in workplace accident

For many Connecticut residents, a seemingly normal day at work can turn injurious or even deadly in a matter of moments. Workplace accidents are extremely common, and, depending on the severity, an on-the-job injury can leave a victim with significant damages. These losses can include rehabilitation and medical expenses, as well as lost wages. Fortunately, the workers' compensation may provide relief to these individuals and their families, even when the workplace accident results in death.

Steps to take after a car accident

Being in a car accident in Connecticut can be stressful. Not only does one have to worry about dealing with insurance claims and getting his or her car repaired, but he or she may also have to cope with serious physical injuries and financial losses. Medical expenses and lost wages can be overwhelming and threaten to throw a car accident victim into financial turmoil. Fortunately, these individuals may be able to pursue compensation for their damages. However, they need to make sure that they take the appropriate steps throughout the process, including immediately after an accident.

Double or triple damages in personal injury cases

Accidents have the potential to be awful and ugly events. When accidents are rooted in negligence and irresponsibility they are just repulsive. You should know your rights if you or someone you care about has to face the loss of life, limb, vocation and countless other traumas as a result of the action of another. In states like Connecticut there are means to enforce the laws that govern being a responsible and decent citizen.

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