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Double or triple damages in personal injury cases

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Accidents have the potential to be awful and ugly events. When accidents are rooted in negligence and irresponsibility they are just repulsive. You should know your rights if you or someone you care about has to face the loss of life, limb, vocation and countless other traumas as a result of the action of another. In states like Connecticut there are means to enforce the laws that govern being a responsible and decent citizen.

A responsible and decent person is capable of horrendous errors in judgment, even being completely thoughtless and careless in their worst moments. Yet part of what makes a person responsible and decent is the quality of being able to step up to the plate and “own” their mistake – regardless of the consequences. This is where justice speaks, guides and dictates.

Double Or Triple Damages In Connecticut

Such punitive claims as double and triple damages are available in Connecticut, and this is one of the valuable tools that the justice system permits in order to police individuals. However, these types of damages are available only in certain types of injury situations, such as drunk driving accidents. There are two particular markers that must be met to file for punitive damages in the form of double or triple damages:

  • First, reckless disregard or deliberate action, such as operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, must be proven. There are a few other particular motor vehicle laws that may qualify as well. In essence, if an action was taken that may be deemed negligent or careless while operating a vehicle, machinery or equipment or any other particular item involved in the accident, then punitive damages may be considered.
  • The second stipulation is the need to determine that the actions of the other person(s) involved accounted as a factor in the resulting injuries. In the most layman terms, it is a simple declaration of “they did it” or “they are responsible for doing this to me”.

What qualifies for double and triple damages, how much time is there to file a claim, does my state allow for these types of punitive damages, and about a trillion other questions may arise. That is one major reason to contact an attorney. Another is the need to navigate the legal system from forms, processes and jargon, having someone who understands and knows how to use the system to get the most just and positive results for the injured is vital.

The road ahead is hard enough as it is, don’t go it alone. Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney for help holding those responsible accountable and use every resource available to get back on your feet and back to your life.


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