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On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2016 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation isn’t something that most Connecticut residents think about on a daily basis. Yet, when a workplace accident strikes, and these individuals are left with on-the-job injuries, they are glad the system is in place to help them recoup medical expenses and lost wages. But recovering these benefits isn’t always so easy, and as we discussed last week, a successful claim doesn’t necessarily mean the compensation awarded will be as much as expected.

To increase your chances of recovering workers’ compensation benefits in an amount that supports you and your family’s needs, you need to know the law and regulations and how to make them work to your advantage. The legal professionals at the Law Offices of James L. O'Rourke represent clients throughout the workers’ compensation process, from initial claim through appeals.

Utilizing our experience, we diligently work to ensure our clients are fully prepared before making their arguments to the state. Medical documentation is key, but when questions arise as to whether an injury is work-related or how lost wages should be calculated, our team digs deeper. We gather and analyze all the evidence and prepare a persuasive case in support of the claim.

Our team recognizes that the workers’ compensation system should be about helping workers through a difficult time in their lives. While they are trying to recover from workplace injuries, they need compensation to support themselves and their families. Our legal professionals stay focused on doing what is necessary to recover the compensation our clients deserve.


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