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3 car accidents put Connecticut workers in danger

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2016 | Workers' Compensation |

Many Connecticut residents fail to recognize that working can be an inherently dangerous activity, depending on one’s profession. Police officers, for example, are often in harm’s way, whether when directing traffic or arresting dangerous individuals. Another dangerous profession is construction. Employees often perform their job duties at great heights and they work near heavy machinery and fast moving vehicles.

To see how dangerous this profession can be, one need only look at a string of recent accidents in construction zones across the state. In one incident, a driver with a suspended license slammed into a Department of Transportation truck. Another DOT vehicle was hit in another construction zone near Bridgeport. Finally, a police officer was injured when he was hit by a drunk driver. The state trooper had been parked in a construction zone.

State officials are now calling for motorists to be aware of construction zones and take extra care when traveling in them. Drivers should, of course, be sober, but they should also make sure that they are abiding by the posted speed limits.

Sadly, sometimes situations like these result in a worker being injured on the job. The aftermath of such an incident can leave an injured worker facing financial hardship when the person is unable to return to work for a given period of time. Workers’ compensation may be available to them to help offset their medical expenses and lost wages.

However, there may be instances where legal issues arise regarding qualification for workers’ compensation and the continuation of benefits. When this happens, injured Connecticut workers need to ensure they are protecting their legal rights.

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