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Connecticut residents go to the doctor in hopes of being given medication or treatment to help heal their medical condition. In most cases, this goes according to plan. In other instances, a doctor doesn’t diagnose a condition, and a patient can go on his or her way. Sometimes, though, medical professionals make a mistake that can turn out to be deadly. Whether in the form of a medication error, failure to diagnose, or a surgical error, medical malpractice can cause a tremendous amount of a damage to a family.

The sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one can cause many types of harm. Emotionally, a family can be utterly devastated. Children can be left without parents, spouses can be left without husbands and wives, and parents can lose their children. Being unable to see a loved one smile or succeed at their life goals can be enough to leave a family reeling.

But the damages don’t stop there. Surviving family members are usually also dealt a severe financial blow. Debt from medical expenses and funeral costs, not to mention the deceased’s lost wages, can cause financial disarray and threaten a family’s well-being. When a loved one’s death is caused by the negligence of another, then legal action is warranted to recover these losses.

At the Law Offices of James L ORourke, our team of dedicated professionals diligently work in an effort to impose liability on those who are failed to live up to their duty of care. We know that a successful claim can bring a family the compensation it needs to find financial stability and give them a sense of justice. We stand up to aggressive defenses by gathering evidence, preparing witness testimony, and crafting legal arguments that can persuade judges and juries. Our attorneys treat every case as if it were their own, giving their clients the legal options available so that they can make the legal decisions that support their best interests.


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