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February 2017 Archives

Pedestrian accidents continue to increase in Connecticut

Crossing the street should be completely safe. Yet, distracted, drunk, and otherwise negligent drivers can make this simple task deadly. In fact, statistics show that Connecticut saw more than 50 pedestrian deaths in 2016, the most the state has seen since 1995. Even these numbers may be lower than they should be, though, as police departments may not be made aware that pedestrians later succumb to their injuries at the hospital. This discrepancy is enough to give rise to further concerns, as it appears that the state doesn't even know how big of a problem pedestrian accidents are for Connecticut residents.

Law firm skilled in car accident settlement negotiations

A couple of weeks ago on the blog we discussed a case where a car accident victim was able to recover compensation for injuries suffered by successfully participating in mediation. Mediation is one viable option for car accident victims to seek relief for their damages. Many find the process beneficial, as each side can openly discuss the case without any direct effect on the outcome of potential litigation.

When may my workers' compensation claim face pushback?

On its face, workers' compensation may seem relatively simple. If you are injured on the job, then you may recover compensation to help offset your lost wages and medical expenses. Yet, there are many gray areas when it comes to workers' compensation, and employers and insurance companies may try to use these to deny you compensation to which you are actually entitled. You therefore need to be aware of some of this issues so that you can push back against those who may seek to deny you workers' compensation.

Connecticut mediation results in compensation for accident victim

A car accident can leave you with serious injuries that can take a significant amount of pain, time and money in order to successfully recover. Some car accident victims never recover from their injuries. When a wreck is caused by another negligent driver, then compensation may be recoverable for these damages. However, getting compensation often requires expert legal skills. While many may think that means taking a case to trial, and it certainly could, there are other methods of obtaining the compensation to which a victim may be entitled.

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