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Protecting your rights in a pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2017 | Pedestrian Accidents |

There are many reasons and situations for Connecticut residents to travel by foot. Whether they are walking on a city sidewalk, taking a stroll in a park or residential area, walking in a parking lot or traveling in a crosswalk, it is fairly common to be a pedestrian in the state no matter what time of year it is. Although many pedestrians walk in areas where motor vehicle frequent, pedestrians are afforded rights. While driving laws work to protect pedestrians and increase their safety, some drivers unfortunately do not follow these rules. Such a situation results in serious and even fatal pedestrian accidents.

No one expects to be a victim of a pedestrian crash; however, when one occurs, a victim’s life is turned around by the pain and suffering experienced in the crash. At the Law Office of James L. Orourke, our experienced legal team knows the devastation that follows a pedestrian accident; thus, we are dedicated to helping victims in the Bridgeport area understand their rights.

With over 55 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable with the legal process to hold a negligent party accountable for personal injuries. We have helped past clients hold negligent drivers accountable for the harms they caused a victim. By collecting evidence, obtaining medial documents and utilizing expert witnesses, we make a solid claim to hold a negligent party accountable. In addition, we help you obtain compensation for the losses and damages suffered.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s pedestrian accident website. A person cannot withstand the size and power of an automobile. Even in a slow-speed collision, a pedestrian is likely to suffer serious injuries. Therefore, it is important to understand how the accident occurred and what rights you are entitled to in the matter.


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