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What are common causes of a fatal bicycle crashes?

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Connecticut residents rely on all modes of transportation. While some might use a bicycle for exercise or to enjoy the outdoors, others use bikes as a primary source of transportation to get to work and school. Although this can be an effective way to get around, not all motorists are on the constant lookout for bicyclists. Whether due to distractions or other forms of negligence, inattentive drivers can cause devastating bicycle accident. Since bicyclists do not have much to protect them, one of these wrecks can cause serious injuries and even death.

What can cause a fatal bike crash? Negligence often plays a significant role in these accidents. Motorists have a duty to drive safely, ensuring that bicyclists who may be on the road are kept safe. Failing to uphold this duty could cause a sudden and fatal crash.

If a driver was negligent, which may include speeding, running a traffic sign or light, failing to yield to a biker when they have the right of way, failing to check surroundings before making a maneuver, or drifting into a bike lane, then a lawsuit may be filed against that driver in an attempt to recoup compensation. The same holds true of those who drive recklessly and cause an accident. Recklessness typically means that a driver knowingly did something without regard for the safety of others. This includes racing and driving under the influence.

If you believe a loved one was killed in a bike accident because of the negligence of a motorist, it is important to understand the legal avenues available to you. A wrongful death lawsuit could allow a family to hold a negligent party responsible for the damage he or she has caused while at the same time recoup compensation for their damages. These damages may include medical expenses and lost wages. Every case is very fact specific, though, so it is important for these families to discuss the matter with a legal professional who might be able to help them better assess how best to approach their situation

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