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A look at car accident statistics in Connecticut

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Roadways in Connecticut and elsewhere are traveled by a wide variety of motor vehicles. Whether a motorist is traveling to work, for work, to school, to a store or any other destination, every driver is required to follow the rules of the road. Failure to do so is not only deemed negligent but could also be the cause and reason for a motor vehicle accident. Distracted driving is just one of the many reasons for motor vehicle crashes; however, it continues to be a growing concern over other causes.

According to recent reports, fatalities and injuries due to distracted driving in Connecticut continue to rise despite the efforts made by law enforcement in Connecticut. Since 2011, the number of crashes occurring in the state continues to increase. In 2011, 78,433 crashes occurred, while in 2016 there was a reported 116,177 crashes in 2016.

Collected data indicates that five deaths occurred in 2016 in a crash caused by a driver using his or her cellphone or another electronic device. This is up from the three reported in 2015. Injuries caused by distracted drivers also rose. There was a reported 31 individuals injured in a distracted driving accident in 2016, which is a 47 percent increase from 2015, which recorded 21 injured victims.

A motor vehicle accident can be very seriously and unexpected. This is especially true when a negligent or distracted driver has collided with you. Thus, it is important to consider your rights and options following such an unfortunate event. A personal injury claim could help an accident victim place liability on the party at fault, helping the victim to also recover compensation for their losses.

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