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How can you prove car accident liability?

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Nowadays, it is fairly common to encounter an accident scene while traveling on both minor and major roadways. Whether it is a fender-bender in rush hour traffic, a T-bone crash at an intersection, a head-on collision caused by a wrong way driver, or a multi-vehicle collision caused by a distracted driver, all car accidents likely have something in common: they were caused by a negligent driver who failed to uphold their duty to drive safely.

Following a car wreck, many victims are faced with a tremendous amount of shock, confusion and pain. It may not be clear how the crash occurred, but a victim is likely to presume it was not his or her fault. Thus, it is important to remember everything that happened leading up to the crash, assessing the details that could help prove fault.

How can you prove car accident liability? Documenting the wreck to the best of your ability is the first step to take. How many vehicles were involved? In which direction was each driver traveling? Did the accident occur at a controlled intersection? What is the speed limit on the roadway? If a maneuver was being made, was a signal used? Were any of the drivers using a cellphone at the time of the crash? Was alcohol a factor? It might take time and the help of an investigator to answer these questions, but uncovering evidence to answer these questions could help establish cause.

A police report, witness accounts, and medical records may assist in not only proving who was responsible for the crash but also the damages caused by the incident. A car accident victim could suffer serious injuries requiring much medical treatment. Thus, the physical, emotional and financial damages resulting from the crash could be tremendous. In these cases, a personal injury claim could help offset the damages incurred by a victim, as well as find accountability. Hopefully then a victim can focus on his or her recovery and reclaiming his or her normal life

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