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Distracted driver incidents can stem from work calls and messages

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Connecticut drivers who are injured or have lost a loved one in a car accident will want to know its cause. It is an unfortunate reality that many crashes are due to a driver not paying attention.

Distracted driving is a problem, and with the new ways people can be distracted with smartphones and other devices, it is not going away. According to a recent survey, many of these distractions are because of work demands.

The survey spoke to more than 1,000 people. Around half of those aged between 18 and 44 stated that they use their devices for work behind the wheel. An estimated 25 percent of Millennials say they do this because they are concerned about upsetting their employer.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that in 2015, distracted driving was a factor in nearly 3,500 fatalities and 391,000 injuries. That comes to 16 percent of injuries and 10 percent of fatalities in auto accidents.

It can be beneficial to find a way to prevent these accidents before they happen by showing drivers the dangers of being a distracted driver. Around a quarter of the employees who took part said that their boss contacted them, despite knowing they were driving.

The idea that this problem is limited to younger drivers is inaccurate. Around one-third of employees 45 to 64 said that they communicated for work while behind the wheel. It might be useful for companies to present policies for distracted driving to prevent the obligations to work and safety from colliding.

These statistics are troublesome, but should not be surprising. Employers have an end in mind when they are running their business and it is not uncommon for their goals to lead to pressure on employees. Included is the need to reply to messages immediately whether the employee is driving or not. When there is a car accident, the damage can be extensive with vast medical bills, problems returning to work, the need for care 24/7 and more. If the accident was due to a distracted driver, this can be a key point in a legal filing for compensation. A lawyer who is experienced in car accidents can help with the accident investigation and moving forward with a legal filing.

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