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Three-vehicle car accident on I-95 leads to injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Interstate highways make it possible for people in Connecticut to traverse the nation. However, the high speeds at which people drive on the interstate combined with the sometimes heavy traffic on interstates mean that car accidents that occur on interstates can be very serious.

Several people are lucky to be alive following a crash involving a semi-truck and two automobiles. The collision took place on the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 in the area of Norwalk, Connecticut. The incident began when the driver of a BMW struck an SUV from behind. The force of the collision caused the SUV to be pushed onto the median of the interstate. The BMW then got stuck to the side of a semi-truck and was dragged more than 1,000 feet before stopping on a guardrail.

The driver of the BMW, age 18, needed to be extracted from the vehicle. It seems like he did not suffer life-threatening injuries. A passenger in the BMW, also age 18, was able to exit the vehicle through the sunroof. The two occupants of the SUV were able to get to a waiting ambulance on their own two feet. The semi-truck driver did not suffer any injuries. Those who did suffer injuries in the collision were sent to the hospital.

People who are injured in car accidents may incur significant expenses, especially if they need extensive medical care, if they cannot work due to their injuries or if they experienced pain and suffering. However, car accidents involving multiple vehicles can be very complex. This is due in part to figuring out the extent to which each party is liable and to whom. Therefore, those who have been injured in a multi-vehicle accident and are considering seeking damages may want to first discuss their situation with a personal injury attorney, so they can understand what their options are.

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