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Law enforcement officers being injured on the job in car accident

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When the topic of workers’ compensation and a person who was injured on the job in Connecticut is discussed, there is a perception that it happens in physical labor, construction, with people around heavy machinery and in these types of circumstances. The reality is that a work accident can happen in any kind of job and people who are injured have the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits regardless of the type of work they do. That includes first responders.

A multi-vehicle crash led to numerous injuries including to two state troopers. The accident involved six vehicles and happened shortly after 2:30 p.m. According to the investigation, a Toyota Camry stopped on the road in the left lane of a parkway. Two state police vehicles stopped to investigate it with their lights flashing. Three vehicles in the same lane could not stop in time to avoid a crash. A Ford Ranger was rear-ended by a Subaru.

The Ford subsequently went onto the road’s right shoulder. A Honda Civic hit the Subaru and it was forced into a cruiser. It spun and hit the other cruiser. A Honda Pilot hit the Civic from behind and it flew into the air, hitting the guardrail. Five people, including two officers, were taken to the hospital for treatment.

People who place themselves in jeopardy not as a matter of circumstance, but as part of doing their jobs are first responders like law enforcement. They too can seek workers’ compensation if they are injured during employment. Even if the injuries do not seem significant at the time, that does not mean the injured person will be free of problems after the fact.

There could be a back injury that does not immediately seem serious but turns into a major issue. There could be broken bones, cuts and more. Missing time at work will cost wages. Some injuries are long-term and make it necessary to have a long hospital stay, have surgery, and perhaps never return to normal. It is wise to remember the importance of workers’ compensation regardless of the work a person does.

In this crash, state police were doing their job and investigating a stalled vehicle on the road when a chain reaction crash ended up sending two troopers to the hospital. Whether they suffered clearly severe injuries or not, they should make certain they are protected in case the injuries become problematic over a long period. Discussing a legal case for workers’ compensation with an experienced attorney is essential.

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