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Motorcyclist hurt in hit and run; driver caught and arrested

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Drivers and motorcyclists must safely share Connecticut roads. While most drivers and motorcyclists are cautious, accidents still happen. When they do, it is imperative that those involved stop and make certain the others involved in the crash are uninjured. And, if they are, they should call for assistance. However, just as it is unfortunate that some car crashes are unavoidable, people might also make the situation worse by committing a hit and run. Those who were injured in motorcycle-car accidents must remember their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Recently, a crash between a car and a motorcycle at around 3 p.m. left the motorcyclist hospitalized. The driver of the car fled the scene, making the crash a hit and run. When law enforcement arrived, they investigated and found a witness who had followed the fleeing car. They found the vehicle and the driver, a 20-year-old man, at a residence. They placed him under arrest for several charges, including evading responsibility and not granting right of way.

Even if they take all the proper precautions and wear substantial protective gear, motorcyclists are notoriously vulnerable to injury and death, if they are in an accident. When the accident involves a vehicle and that vehicle not only fails to adhere to the law, but also flees the scene after the crash, the aftermath can be worse.

There can be broken bones, cuts, bruises, lost limbs, paralysis, head injuries and death for the motorcyclist. The injuries, even if they are not severe, can result in lost time at work and the need for major changes to a person’s life. Given the number of ways in which accidents occur with drivers increasingly distracted and reckless, accidents can become all-too common. Those who are affected should make sure they are protected.

In this accident, fortunately, law enforcement located the driver and arrested him. The motorcyclist was hurt and taken to the hospital. He must ensure that his medical expenses and other problems are covered by considering a lawsuit to receive compensation.

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