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Accident investigation ensues to determine cause of bus accident

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Connecticut drivers who are on the streets may take for granted that city vehicles are operated safely and accidents are rare. However, vehicles, like city buses, can cause significant damage, including serious injury and death, when there is an accident. As with other car accidents, a bus crash requires an accident investigation to determine how and why it happened. Those who have been injured or lost a loved one should make certain to protect their interests by speaking to a legal professional about potential litigation.

A crash between a city bus and two other vehicles led to seven people being taken to the hospital. The accident happened at shortly before 7 p.m. Two people in passenger vehicles and four from the bus were hospitalized. The injuries were not said to be life-threatening.

One passenger stated that the bus might have run through a red light, causing the crash. The cause is still being investigated. Others stated that more than two passenger cars were damaged in the accident with one having substantial damage and the others with minor damage. Since city buses are equipped with cameras both inside and outside, the accident can be reviewed.

Buses are a necessary part of the landscape in any city. The number of people who rely on them to get back and forth makes them necessary. When there is an accident though, people must be cognizant of all the issues they can face in the aftermath.

Given their size, an auto accident involving a bus can cause major injuries and fatalities. People will often miss time at work or are unable to function normally at home. They might accrue vast medical costs, have problems returning to normal and face a lifetime of problems. Anyone who has suffered an injury in a bus accident should keep in mind all the long-term issues as they move forward.

A crash between a bus and two vehicles injured seven people. As the investigation continues, those who were affected must shield themselves and have help with a possible legal case. A lawyer who understands the ins and outs of a lawsuit after a bus accident can help and should be contacted immediately.

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