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Alleged drunk driver arrested after pedestrian accident

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Connecticut pedestrians are among the most vulnerable victims in a car accident. Because they are not protected by a vehicle, when they are hit, there can be broken bones, cuts, lost limbs, head injuries, spinal cord damage and death. Making pedestrian accidents worse is when they are the result of a drunk driver. The combination of a DUI crash and hitting a pedestrian can cause so many different problems in the victim’s life that filing a lawsuit is necessary to recover compensation for all that was lost.

An alleged drunk driver hit a pedestrian, and then went through the storefront of a liquor store. The accident happened at around 6 p.m. The 58-year-old driver is accused of being under the influence.

Law enforcement investigated and the driver was arrested at the scene. He is facing charges of DUI, second-degree assault with a motor vehicle and other charges. The pedestrian is believed to have been walking to the store when hit.

After the crash with the pedestrian, the driver is believed to have crashed his vehicle into the store as he attempted to flee. Evading responsibility is one of the other charges he faces. The pedestrian had an injury to the upper leg and was hospitalized. It is not believed to be life-threatening.

A pedestrian who is hit by a motor vehicle will have a lot to consider in its aftermath. Of course, the severity of the injuries is an important factor. When people are hospitalized, need surgery, miss time at work and are unable to contribute to their family in the way they did before, it can be a major hardship. In some cases, the injuries are so significant that the person will never again be able to function normally and independently. In other instances, the injuries might not be that severe, but they can still lead to long-term problems. In still other accidents, the true level of damage can worsen as time passes. An investigation and gathering of evidence is imperative to prepare for potential litigation.

A person who was walking to a liquor store was hit by an alleged drunk driver and hospitalized. The driver is facing a slew of charges related to the accident. As the investigation continues, the victim must make certain to have legal protection and discuss the case with a lawyer experienced in personal injury.

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