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Study shows significant danger of drowsy driving car accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Many factors can come into play when there is a car collision in Connecticut. Drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians are certainly aware of the risks they face when out on the road. With distracted drivers, drivers under the influence and those who operate their vehicles in a reckless manner, there are multiple ways in which a crash can happen. One issue that research indicates is underreported is drowsy driving. A study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety brings to light just how common this issue has become.

An estimated 35 percent of drivers in the U.S. get the seven hours of sleep that is recommended. With that comes the dangers of drivers getting behind the wheel drowsy. In its study, AAA says that the number of accidents because of drowsy drivers is not the 1 to 2 percent estimated by the U.S. government, but is closer to eight times.

After monitoring close to 3,600 drivers using dash cam technology and recording approximately 700 accidents, the researchers studied the number of drivers whose eyes closed during the three minutes before the accident. It found that drowsiness factored in with almost 10 percent of accidents and almost 11 percent of more severe crashes where there was significant property damage.

To make matters worse, drivers are aware that they are drowsy when behind the wheel, but drive anyway. 96 percent stated that driving while tired is unacceptable. However, around one-third said they had driven while having a problem keeping their eyes open at least one time in the previous 30 days. Even drinking coffee, having the air conditioner on high or opening the window does not help to keep tired drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel.

People who are in a car accident and face the aftereffects with medical costs, lost wages, the need for extended care and other common problems should know that a legal filing can help them recover compensation. Families who have lost a loved one in a fatal car accident should also know how a lawsuit can be beneficial. Insurance companies will rarely pay enough to cover for all that was lost.

The cause of the accident can be a key to a case. Having a law firm that understands how to investigate a crash and determine if it was due to drowsy driving is vital. Calling an attorney experienced in car accidents should be the first step.

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