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How does workers’ compensation address disfigurement and scars?

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For Connecticut workers who are injured on the job, some of the injuries they suffer will go beyond broken bones, torn ligaments, back injuries and similar issues. Some will be disfigured or scarred and have the aftereffects of the accident or condition marked on their body for all to see. While people who have been injured or have a condition from their work will be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, many might not be aware that there could be extra compensation awarded if there are scars or disfigurement. Knowing how this is awarded and certain facts regarding the dates at which the injuries occurred is imperative to applying for and getting additional benefits.

Workers who suffered injuries or became ill prior to July 31, 1993 could receive additional benefits if there is significant disfigurement or scarring and it is permanent. This can be from the injury itself or surgery to repair the injury. Spinal or inguinal hernia surgery is not covered under this rule. If the injuries or illness came about after July 1, 1993 there are only certain scars or disfigurements that can result in additional benefits. They are if the scar or disfigurement is on the face, head or neck; or if it is on another location on the body in which it will cause a handicap to the person in getting work or continuing to work.

It is important to remember that an award for scarring or disfigurement cannot be requested after two years have passed from the injury or the surgery that caused it. The local District Office must be contacted for the injured worker to receive an evaluation of the scar. People are advised to contact the office just before the end of the year after the injury or surgery that led to the scar took place.

Injuries and conditions can not only do damage to the person’s body, but it can disfigure or scar them and cause problems for the rest of their lives. Workers should know that being disfigured or scarred can allow them to get additional benefits through workers’ compensation claims. A legal professional who understands the various aspects of workers’ compensation and how to maximize the benefits based on the circumstances is vital to a case and should be contacted immediately.

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