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Printing press worker injured on the job when caught in machine

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Connecticut workers who are around machinery will be in constant danger of being injured on the job. Cuts, bruises, broken bones, a crush injury, head injuries and more can come about with these incidents. Many might associate these occurrences with factories or construction work. However, it can also happen in a variety of other ways. Regardless of how a worker is hurt, it is critical to understand the importance of workers’ compensation and its value to an injured worker and his or her family.

A newspaper worker was injured when his arm was caught in between press rollers. Emergency services workers were called at shortly after 5 p.m. to assist him. The machine was turned off so a roller could be taken out and the man freed. Hand tools were utilized to extricate him. After he was freed, he was taken to the hospital. His condition is unknown. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the accident.

Workers who have suffered injuries on the job should know about workers’ compensation benefits. This can be vital for lost wages, medical costs and future treatment, long-term problems and more. Some workers might have an issue getting their workers’ compensation benefits from an employer. There could be a dispute regarding how much treatment is needed and how long the worker will be unable to work. Having legal help can be the difference between maximizing benefits, getting a limited amount, or getting nothing at all.

In this case, a newspaper worker injured his arm when it was caught between rollers on a printing press. He was hospitalized and an OSHA investigation is ongoing. While the accident might seem clear cut, that does not mean the workers’ compensation benefits are guaranteed for as long as the worker needs them. A lawyer can help with any concerns or problems getting the benefits and should be contacted immediately.

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