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Fatal accident injures motorcycle passenger, kills passenger

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Motorcycles are a common sight on the Connecticut roads and drivers of conventional vehicles must be aware of them. Since a motorcycle rider is so inherently vulnerable to injuries and death in a crash, it is imperative for drivers to share the road with them and adhere to the law when it comes to turning, yielding or any other maneuver that could place riders in jeopardy. Even when drivers do exercise that caution, there will still be motorcycle accidents. When they happen and a rider is injured or killed, it is critical that the injured person and the family of the person who was killed understands the steps necessary to file a personal injury or wrongful death legal case.

A motorcycle accident injured a man and killed a woman. The incident occurred at around 7 p.m. According to the investigation, the motorcycle was heading straight when a car turned in front of it. The motorcycle ran into the vehicle’s rear. The people on the motorcycle were ejected. The man, 30, was operating it. The woman, 20, was the passenger. The man had a brain injury and his wrist was fractured. He was hospitalized. The driver remained at the scene. The accident is still being investigated and it is not known whether charges will be filed against the driver.

Since riders can suffer such severe injuries and death after a motorcycle accident, it is imperative to understand the short and long-term consequences that accompany a crash. A long hospital stay, problems returning to normal, the need for extended treatment and procedures and much more can come about after a motorcycle accident. If there is a fatality, the family will be confronted with the costs of a funeral, the emotions of an unexpected death, the lost contribution and companionship, and other issues. A legal filing for compensation might not be sufficient to end the pain from an accident, but it can help with several issues so the family can move on.

A motorcyclist and his passenger were involved in an accident with a car when the car allegedly turned into their path. The rider was seriously hurt and the passenger was killed. While the investigation is ongoing and legislators are thinking about ways to make the roads safer for motorcyclists, it is important that the families of the riders know their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing. A lawyer can help.

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