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Auto accident between SUV and scooter injures rider

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There are many different vehicles that will be on the road throughout Connecticut and their operators must be vigilant and watch out for one another. Especially vulnerable are those on motorcycles, scooters and bicycles. Even when the rider is taking all the necessary precautions and wearing protective gear, there can still be serious injury and death when there is a crash with a car. People who have been hurt when riding a scooter, and those who have lost a loved one in a crash involving one, should know they have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

An afternoon accident between an SUV and a scooter sent the rider to the hospital with a head injury. The accident happened before 3 p.m. When emergency personnel were contacted, there was a request for the team that handles accident investigation when there is a fatality to come to the scene.

Fortunately, the rider did not die. He was taken to the hospital and, by that evening, was in serious, but stable condition. Images from the scene showed the SUV’s windshield to be smashed and the scooter lying on its side by the sidewalk. The investigation is ongoing.

People injured in an auto accident could face lifelong problems as a result. When there is a head injury, it is often not known until much later the extent of the damage. Medical expenses, lost time at work and a drastically changed life with the need for care 24 hours a day, seven days a week are all possible. While insurance companies will often try to make an offer to avoid a costly legal filing, the amount they offer is rarely enough to adequately compensate the victim. This is when it is imperative to have legal advice.

In this accident, a scooter and an SUV collided sending the rider to the hospital with a head injury. Although he is said to be recovering, the true extent of the injuries could lead to major issues. Having legal assistance from an attorney who understands how to pursue cases after car accidents is crucial to receiving compensation.


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