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What should I know about workers’ compensation medical exams?

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Being injured on the job in Connecticut will bring many concerns and issues to the forefront. While workers’ compensation benefits are available to cover for lost wages, medical expenses and more, there are certain requirements to get the benefits from the start. Some of the basics are the medical examination and the medical reports. Following the legal requirements is critical to getting the workers’ compensation benefits.

When the request is made by the employer or the commissioner, the employee must submit to the examination when making a workers’ compensation claim or already getting benefits. It must be a reputable and practicing medical professional. With the examination, determinations will be made as to the injury and the incapacity the worker suffers from. The employer will select the medical professional — a physician or surgeon — that has been provided by the Workers’ Compensation Commission chairman. The employer will pay for it.

When the worker is being examined, one can have a separate surgeon or physician present. The employee will pay for this. Refusing to submit to any reasonable examination request will lead to a suspension of the right to get workers’ compensation.

After the examination, the medical reports regarding the injury or condition that the employer suffers from will be provided within 30 days of their completion. They will be sent at the same time and in the same way to the employer, the employee and a legal representative of the employee.

Often, workers are not denied workers’ compensation benefits because of the injury itself and that there is a disagreement as to whether it is valid, but because the employee did not adhere to the basic rules of getting workers’ compensation benefits. It is imperative to know the rules and follow them. A law firm that specializes in workers’ compensation can help to ensure all the rules are followed so there is no issue with getting the benefits due to a mistake in adhering to the requirements.


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