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What if I am told my workers’ compensation will be discontinued?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation benefits are integral to helping Connecticut workers make ends meet and receive the care and treatment they need after they have been injured on the job. Being approved for workers’ compensation is often a relief since workers will believe they will have the time and financial support they need recover. However, for many, it can be a worrisome time when there is a notification that the workers’ compensation benefits will be discontinued. Understanding what to do in this situation is imperative if there has yet to be a sufficient recovery to get back to work and the loss of benefits would be a financial and personal hardship.

When there is an intention on the part of the workers’ compensation insurer or the employer to stop benefits, the worker must be notified. This must be done via certified mail. Generally, there will be Form 36 with the notification. The worker will have time to contest this decision. There will be 10 days to do so. The District Office of the town where the injury happened must be contacted. There will then be a request for an “emergency” informal hearing.

For those who are planning to contest the discontinuation of benefits, it is vital to remember that it is not advisable to do so unless the worker has a physician to provide written confirmation that the person is still totally disabled and cannot work. When the worker decides to contest a discontinuation of benefits, the payments will continue until the hearing date.

Being injured on the job and left unable to work can be a fearful time for workers. Workers’ compensation benefits can alleviate some of those concerns during the recovery period. But when there is notification that the benefits will stop, those who remain injured and still cannot work must be aware of their right to appeal that decision and how to go about it.


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