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Head trauma after a pedestrian accident requires legal help

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Pedestrian Accidents |

When there is a pedestrian accident in Connecticut, the odds are that the victim will suffer severe injuries. Totally devoid of protection, the only thing a pedestrian can do is hope that the impact was not at high speed and they do not suffer spinal cord damage or a head injury in the crash. Unfortunately, when a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle, there can be broken bones, cuts, spinal cord injuries and brain trauma. After the accident has happened, the person — if he or she is lucky enough to survive — might need help functioning for the rest of his or her life. Those who are affected by this will want to determine whether they have the right to compensation in a legal filing.

The brain is so vital to a person in even a basic way that when there is head trauma, it can influence every part of one’s life. Brain injury victims might need to be on a respirator; might need help eating, bathing and using the bathroom; or they could be a vegetative state in which the they are trapped in their own body. For some, there are treatments that can be effective for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and its aftermath. This, however, costs money. Medical coverage is unlikely to pay for all that the victim needs, making a legal filing for compensation even more important.

Even if the head injury is not severe, there can still be a negative impact on the person’s life. They could be hindered by a delay. Work could be made more difficult if not outright impossible. Their personal life can be reduced to that of basic functioning and be far less enjoyable that it would otherwise be. For these people, medical care and various forms of treatment are also necessary.

After a pedestrian accident with brain damage, there will be hospital bills and other medical expenses; disabilities; the inability to do anything more than basic jobs; the need for surgeries; changes to the structure of a home or a different living arrangement; and much more. A law firm experienced with cases involving head trauma and brain damage after pedestrian accidents can be of great assistance when considering a lawsuit.


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