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Man working on tree injured on-the-job after fall

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Workplace injuries can happen with any kind of job in Connecticut. It can happen to an office worker just as easily as it can a construction worker. However, there is no doubt that some jobs are more dangerous to workers than others. That includes first responders, the previously mentioned construction workers and people stationed at significant heights as they go about their duties. Falls are a common cause of injuries, and those who have been hurt in a fall should know what they might face in the aftermath.

A man working in a tree fell from his bucket and suffered injuries. The accident happened at approximately 9:45 a.m. Emergency crews were called after the man fell and landed on the company truck. He was placed in a basket designed to safely remove him from the top of the truck. They treated him at the scene before taking him to the hospital. His condition was unknown. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating the incident.

When there are injuries on-the-job, the worker can be confronted with medical expenses, lost time at work and long-term damages. Initially, it might be believed that there will be no problem getting workers’ compensation benefits. It is critical to remember, however, that there are certain procedures that must be followed to ensure that the maximum amount of benefits is received. That includes lost wages, coverage for medical treatment and more. In some instances, the insurer declines to approve the application for benefits. This can be a serious problem for the worker. To make sure the workers’ compensation benefits are provided, having legal help is often needed.

Workers injured on-the-job must make certain that they and their families are protected from the vast medical costs and lost wages a workplace injury can cause. This is even more vital if the injuries are severe, and the worker cannot continue to do the same kind of work or any work at all. A law firm that handles workers’ compensation claims can help workers apply for the workers’ compensation benefits they need to get by financially as they recover from their injuries.


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