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Pedestrian accident injures high schooler exiting parent’s car

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | Pedestrian Accidents |

A pedestrian accident can happen wherever motor vehicles and people are in the same vicinity in Connecticut. Because pedestrians are vulnerable to injuries and death in a crash with a motor vehicle, it is essential to consider the future after the accident has happened. There are certain times when people are in greater jeopardy of a pedestrian accident. One specific time where pedestrians are at risk is in the morning when people are in a rush to get to work and school. This is also a time when deliveries are being made, adding another layer to the danger.

A high school student who was being dropped off at school by her parent was hit by a vehicle that was delivering newspapers. The accident happened not long after 7 a.m. According to the investigation, the 16-year-old female got out of her parent’s car when the newspaper delivery driver backed up and hit her. She was caught between the two vehicles. She was taken to the hospital with what were initially said to be serious injuries. It was later said that the injuries were not as bad as they first thought. The delivery was for newspapers to be brought to the school library and the vehicle had backed out the wrong way. The investigation is continuing.

There are many potential risks for pedestrians. Some drivers operate their vehicles recklessly, negligently, under the influence or while distracted. They fail to yield for pedestrians, ignore traffic lights and signs. One place where people expect to be safe is in school zones, but pedestrian accidents can happen there too. Being hit by a vehicle can lead to catastrophic injuries for pedestrians such as spinal cord injuries, brain trauma, broken bones and more. A legal filing is often needed to recover damages for medical treatment, costs and long-term issues.

Pedestrian accidents often cause serious injuries or even deaths. They are traumatic to deal with, and a person or their family can suffer many damages, some of which can be permanent. Therefore, those who have been injured in pedestrian accidents may want to consult with an attorney to learn what steps can be taken.


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