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Workers’ compensation decision decided in Bridgeport cops’ favor

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Bridgeport employers are expected to treat their employees fairly in all situations. This is particularly true with workers’ compensation cases. These types of cases can be especially prominent when they involve first responders and law enforcement officials employed by the city. This is because the potential for injury in these types of jobs is significant. When the city does not provide the maximum benefits for its workforce, the workers have a right to protest to the state.

More than 100 law enforcement officers who were getting workers’ compensation benefits were owed money by the city of Bridgeport. This revelation came in a decision by labor officials in Connecticut. It was said that bad faith was shown against law enforcement. The president of the police officers’ union said the officers were not getting the amount they should have gotten after they were injured. It is not yet known the amount the officers will be reimbursed, but some could get thousands. The numbers continue to be calculated.

In the officers’ contract, there was a salary supplement. This was to make certain that officers who got hurt on the job and received a part of their regular pay through workers’ compensation would get an amount that was closer to what their regular salary would have been had they not gotten injured. In late-2015, the union said it was not getting the supplements as it should have. After a change in the mayor’s office, the problems arose again. The payments were not what the officers and the city had agreed to. The labor board did not find any issue in the language in the supplement. Officers who were underpaid will get what they were originally supposed to.

For many workers, their workers’ compensation rights are linked to their employment contract and they are meant to pay them certain amounts and provide various benefits if they are injured. With any workers’ compensation issue where the employees are not getting the maximum of what they are supposed to get, it can help to have the assistance of a professional who understands this area of the law.


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