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Connecticut workers injured on the job higher than U.S. average

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Workplace injuries are an unfortunate fact of life in Connecticut no matter what kind of job a person does. Being injured on the job can happen in physical jobs where there is inherent danger or in sedentary jobs where there are few expected risks. After being injured on the job, workers must know about workers’ compensation claims and how to pursue the maximum in benefits.

Even those who have not been injured on the job should keep track of injuries, illnesses and conditions that stem from the work a person does so they can be cognizant of what dangers they might face. A new report from the federal government states that the number of workplace illnesses and injuries that did not result in a fatality in the state stayed the same from 2016 to 2017. Still, Connecticut maintains a higher rate of incidents than there are, on average, across the nation.

According to the numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 37,600 ailments in the private sector in 2017. For every 100 full-time employees, it came to 3.2 cases. The national average was 2.8. In addition to Connecticut, there were 19 states that had rates that were higher than the national average. For government employees, the illness and injury rates were also above average. For every 100 workers, there were 6.2 cases. Overall, there were 8,900 reported cases. An estimated 75 percent of government worker cases were at the municipal level.

Given the frequency with which people are injured on the job in the public and private sector, the aftermath is of concern to everyone. Medical expenses, lost wages and disputes as to how long the worker should be out are common. With any issue whether the injury is one where it is clear or opaque and there are differences of opinion, it is vital to have legal assistance to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. After the injury, calling for legal assistance is essential. A law firm that specializes in workers’ compensation can help.


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