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Construction site accident burns worker in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Construction workers will have myriad tasks to complete when they are involved in a project. Many will involve heavy equipment, being at great heights, using dangerous tools and essentially, trusting others with their lives. Accidents can happen at any time. What is often forgotten, however, is that even the mundane tasks can have their risks. Construction is risky and those who are in an accident will have multiple issues to consider. Workers’ compensation benefits are key to their treatment and recovery. Getting those benefits is occasionally difficult and a law firm that works with those filing workers’ compensation claims can help.

A worker who was working on a construction site suffered burns over a significant portion of his body in an accident. The man was refueling an air compressor while it was running. As he was doing so, there was a break in the nozzle. Gas spilled on him and ignited. Other workers put the fire out using fire extinguishers. He was taken to the hospital with second and third-degree burns on his lower body.

Burns can cause severe problems in a person’s life personally and professionally. People might need surgical procedures, skin grafts and therapy to again function reasonably well. Working can be difficult as they need rehabilitation and the memory of the incident has a negative psychological impact. Workers’ compensation benefits can be critical during this time as it can pay for medical care and providing income. The need for benefits might be permanent. Although burns are difficult to dispute, there can be a disagreement between the insurer and the worker as to how long the workers’ compensation should last and whether he or she can get back to work and when. In these cases, legal help is a must.

A construction worker was working on a site and refueling a piece of equipment when he caught fire and was burned. As he recovers, he and his family must remember his rights to workers’ compensation and other benefits. A law firm that represents workers’ compensation claimants can be of assistance in a case and should be called for guidance.


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