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Distracted teens prone to car accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Car Accidents |

There is an understandable fear of encountering teen drivers on the road in Connecticut. New drivers will not have the necessary experience to be prepared for every eventuality on the road, regardless of how conscientious they are and how well they were taught. When that is combined with other risks like distracted driving, it is a recipe for accidents. Since April is “Distracted Driving Awareness Month” across the nation, it is important to think about the problem of distracted driving by teens. When there is an accident, the possibility that a teen was distracted can be a key factor in a successful case.

Statistics indicate that teens are three times more likely to be in an auto accident while using their smartphone. Teens are seven times more likely of being in a crash not due to distraction with a device, but by reaching for something or handling an item while driving.

In the study, teens were monitored for four years. Distractions like eating and singing were found to cause risks but were less likely to cause an accident than smartphone use or reaching for things. Parents are encouraged to tell their children that being safe on the road goes beyond not using their devices and includes maintaining visual contact with the road and keeping their hands on the wheel. Statistics show that since 2015, there have been almost 30,000 accidents in Connecticut because of distracted driving. More than 40 of these led to a fatality.

Any auto accident can lead to long-term problems. With medical expenses, injuries that negatively impact a person’s ability to work or do the same job they did before, the need for help to do basic tasks and more, lives can be radically changed after a crash. When there is a fatality, the family will need to accept the unexpected loss of a loved one and all the problems that accompany it. A full investigation and help from a legal professional experienced in car accidents is imperative when pursuing a case.


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