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Study examines causes and costs of workers injured on the job

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Work injuries are an unfortunate fact of life. For those in Connecticut who have suffered a workplace injury, the aftermath is of grave concern. Medical expenses, the inability to work and earn money and other problems will inevitably arise. This is when it is wise to think about workers’ compensation benefits.

These benefits can provide compensation for lost wages and medical care until the worker is able to get back to their old job or is well enough to look for different employment. It is also beneficial if the person cannot work at all and is permanently disabled. Keeping track of statistics for workplace injuries is a useful part of knowing the dangers that workers can face. One recently released report from Liberty Mutual details the most common causes of workplace injuries and their costs to insurers.

The report categorized injuries as “serious” when they resulted in a worker missing at least five days on the job. Among the top eight industries for serious workplace injuries were: manufacturing, healthcare, construction and leisure and hospitality.

Workers can be injured when working any kind of job. Given the concerns after a workplace accident and the uncertainty that accompanies it, having the security that workers’ compensation provides can be a key part of making ends meet and getting the necessary treatment to recover. When there are disputes or disagreements regarding workers’ compensation, it is imperative to have legal help. After being injured on the job, calling for legal advice is a wise first step.


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